Denis holds her granddaughter, Leisha, and tells me how she sold her very own clothing to put her other daughter, Loveny, through nursing school so that women would not die in childbirth.

Denis laughs and smiles as we talk about how her daughter Loveny is attending the MamaBaby Haiti Midwifery School in Cap Haitien, and in two years she will return to her home village and work at the new MamaBaby Haiti birth center in Lascahobas as a midwife. 

To bring this story full circle, you must know:

– Estafani who died was Carmelle’s cousin
– Leisha is Carmelle’s niece
– Denis is Carmelle’s Aunt

The midwifery student, Loveny, is Carmelle’s cousin and will someday work at the birth center Carmelle built on her mom’s property in Lascahobas.

We are so grateful for the grant DōTERRA Healing Hands gave us for a good four wheel truck.  This vehicle really helps us to reach some remote places around Haiti where we are needed. The plan is to have the back of the truck outfitted as an ambulance and volunteer transport vehicle soon.  

So come join us in Haiti!! We are taking volunteer applications for November 2020 onward!

Here is Patrica, Carmelle and Jennifer after making it through a road that looked like a river ravine as they took supplies to the inauguration of the NEW birth center in Lascahobas, Haiti. (Check out last week’s blog if you missed the news of MamaBaby’s second birth center opening in Haiti!)