MamaBaby Haiti birth centers are found in two locations. Our birth center in Cap-Haitien in the Northern Department of Haiti has been open since 2010, sees hundreds of women each week and attends over a hundred births a month.

Our second and newest birth center in Lascahobas was opened October of 2020 and is located in the mountains of the Central Department of Haiti.

Our birth center in Lascashobas is in such a beautiful place. The land is lush and green and sky is big and open. People come to our birth center primarily by foot or motorbike. We have clinic several times a week and about one to two babies a day are born there.

Today we are asking for people to become monthly donors.

We need to send a large shipment of supplies to Haiti and the needs are always there to keep our birth centers running smoothly. We are also still working on construction for the large birth center and midwifery school in Cap Haitien and the second floor of the birth center in Lascahobas. 

Becoming a donor is an amazing way that you can continually help us to ensure needs are met.

Become a “Friend of MamaBaby Haiti” with a donation of as little as $30 or more a month.

Become a “Sister Midwife” with a donation of $50 or a “Sister Birth Center” with a donation of $200 or more a month, these come with extra perks.

Send us a message if you have any questions and after you sign up and we’ll send you a lovely MamaBaby Haiti gift.

Thank you.

Midwifery is so much about relationships. If you knew Carmelle you know she knows how to bond!

She is kind, caring and well educated like all of the midwives at MamaBaby. The midwifery care we provide is important and very special.

Our community is strong and we continue to help improve maternal and neonatal statistics in Haiti. With your support we continue to provide skilled and safe midwifery care.

Thank you for your continued support through donations.