It is a warm and wonderful place filled with hope, smiles, and laughter. That doesn’t mean it can’t also be hard.

At MamaBaby Haiti, the midwives listen and learn about the lives of the women that come to us for care. We try to provide the best care for each individual person and situation. This is one of the things that makes midwifery care at MamaBaby Haiti so very special.

The midwives at MamaBaby Haiti provide assessment and education around topics like a healthy pregnancy, nutrition, anemia, preeclampsia as well as signs and symptoms of concern.

Did you know MamaBaby also has a midwifery school? These are a few of our current students. They will graduate from our midwifery program in 2022. Soon they will receive their scrubs and move into their clinical education.

Your generosity helps us to continue our very important work and we thank you for your continuous support for our mamas, babies and midwifery training!