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*NOTE: We are listed as MamaBaby International

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On a regular basis we find women and their babies locked inside the gates of the hospital sleeping on the floor. They will not let them leave if their hospital bills aren’t paid. This practice is NOT legal.

No person should be held against their will for the inability to pay for healthcare. These women and their babies stay there for days, weeks and even months. Their families often sell everything they own to get them home again.

With a more complicated delivery or a cesarean the bill can be so high it seems impossible that they would ever be released.

After a cesarean delivery and sleeping on the cold cement floor outside of the hospital during the rainy season in Haiti this mama went home. Thanks to your generous donations for $1027 USD, MamaBaby Haiti was able to pay to get her out of the hospital, get her food and take her and her baby home.

We were also able to help several others be released and this week we will be paying further hospital bills on behalf of these mamas.

Thank you for donating and being part of the amazing group of people that change peoples lives.

If you are not yet a supporter of MamaBaby Haiti, go to our website at MamaBabyHaiti.org to make a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation. Thank you in advance.

MamaBaby International (known as MamaBaby Haiti) changes lives through their work by:

  1. Providing free maternity care and safe birth at MamaBaby Birth Centers in the most vulnerable populations.
  2. Providing prenatal care and family health care in remote villages.
  3. Training and graduating midwives each year through their midwifery school program. 
  4. Releasing women and their babies from Hospital Detainment by paying their medical bills