I know this isn’t what we usually fundraise for, but there is something close to my heart, personally, that I’d love to share with you about a remote village in the mountains of Haiti called Port Français that needs water.

I remember the first time Carmelle and I hiked up the steep jungle mountain for hours when we heard there were women in need of maternity care in a small village scattered along the top.

When we finally found the women, they told us how their mothers and sisters and aunties were dying in childbirth up on the mountain birthing alone. No more, Carmelle said. Come to MamaBaby. We will care for you for free.

And they showed up the next week for care and they continue to come. They come for prenatal care, they come to have their babies, walking five hours in labor, they come for postpartum care, walking the long and treacherous trail with their babies in arms.

And we go to THEM for village care. On a boat, up the mountain, with what supplies we can carry and with our hands and our hearts open to serve and love.

  • They don’t have drinking water that is essential for their health.
  • They don’t have enough water for bathing and washing their clothes.
  • We see them covered in scabies and skin disease.
  • We see how life changing water would be for them!

We have consulted with engineers and looked into digging a well. It is not possible on this mountain.
However, there is a small spring, and about 4,000 people struggle to get water from it as it trickles from the muddy ground.

They tell us they have to go at midnight, at 1:am, and at 2:am to get water.

We found out we CAN help them by piping water from this spring to a holding tank we help build. Getting the rock and cement and piping up the steep mountain is challenging. We have found the men who have the skills to build the holding tank.

We have priced everything out and for the labor and materials, we need to raise 15,000 dollars.

Will you help bring water to this mountain region?

When you donate, put in your memo “water”. Let’s do this together!