I’m sitting here crying. Today midwife Carmelle called us crying because she went to the Haiti hospital and took pictures of this.  

These women and their newborn babies are sleeping outside, on the ground with nothing more than cardboard mats because they can’t pay their medical bill to leave. They recently gave birth at a local public hospital in Cap Haitian, many by C-section. 

That’s right! In Haiti mothers are locked inside a medical center under armed security until their family can find money for their release. The average cost is $250-$300 USD.

Today, yesterday and tomorrow heavy rain will continue to pour over the city, bringing cooler temperatures and heavy wind. 

We need your financial support to assist MamaBaby Haiti in paying for the release of these mama’s and their newborn babies. 

Midwife Carmelle along with a volunteer, will visit these Mamas as part of mobile clinic to provide postpartum care.

Let’s release all these moms this week so they can go home for Christmas. This is a human rights violation.  

Please visit mamababyhaiti.org to make a tax deductible donation today. Put in the notes “hospital prison” for your donation today. Start a monthly donation while you are there for whatever amount you can afford.  

This is an example of why MamaBaby Haiti is so needed. Mothers shouldn’t be held captive for not being able to afford to pay their hospital bill.