This is Patricia Couch, Vice President of MamaBaby International.  I’d like to speak to you about an urgent issue that is near and dear to my heart.  

Over the years MamaBaby Haiti has gotten more involved in many deep issues that arise for mothers and babies in Haiti. One cause that we are passionate about is freeing women from hospital detainment.  We call it hospital prison. 

After women give birth in Haiti they are released from the hospital but not from the hospital grounds. They remain outside with their baby, often sleeping on cardboard on the floor. The hospital does not provide food or water. Their families must bring this. Women and their babies often sleep outside on the floor for days, weeks, and even months.

It is a horrendously abusive practice and regardless of our advocacy and efforts speaking to these non-profit hospital boards and governmental organizations, the practice continues.

Last week I went into the hospital late one afternoon to check on a mother that we transported and to pay her bill and bring her back to the birth center. While there myself and MamaBaby midwives found other women sleeping with their babies on the floor outside. 

It is the rainy season in Haiti and it is cold at night. As a human being working in Haiti there are many things that are hard to witness. Life is more challenging in Haiti in many ways. Seeing this human rights violation is shocking to my system. 

NO human should EVER be detained due to the inability to pay their bill.

We have released women from all parts of Haiti as our organization is getting well known across the country for liberating moms and babies from hospital prison. Over the last week we have released several women and babies as well as a young child 

MamaBaby Haiti continues to release women from the hospital prison each and every month. 

Thank you for your continued support. WE need it. THEY need it. You are making a HUGE impact in the quality of life of so many people. 

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Warmly, Patricia Couch, VP of MamaBaby International

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