We have an urgent request! Once again we have a number of women and babies trapped behind the hospital gates, sleeping on cardboard on the floor outside the hospital.

With your support, we have been able to release several women and babies in the past. This week we will go and pay to have more women and babies released from this horrible situation. This practice continues in Haiti and around the world.

No mother and baby should be held against her will for the inability to pay their hospital bills.

Please make a donation today at MamaBabyHaiti.org or click on the link below and add the note “Hospital Prison”

So many of us know this feeling. Labor is one of the most powerful experiences a woman has in life. At MamaBaby the midwives attend labor every day and night. They offer care and support as well as a watchful eye.

At MamaBaby we provide safe, respectful and free midwifery care to hundreds of women each year.

Thank you for your continuous to support of our work. Your donations make a world of difference.