She cried throughout her entire labor. She gave birth to a healthy baby. She cried more. She cried more and more for an uncertain future.

We are thankful for a safe birth. We acknowledge her pain experienced. At the same time we are very sad for this country experiencing a coup d’√Čtat and the uncertainty to follow.

The President in Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated in the early hours of this morning of July 7th, 2021. There are mixed reports of whether or not his wife is in critical condition or if she has passed as well.

Haiti is experiencing great distress at this time. No one knows what to expect next. Everything is on pause. Airports and borders are closed. The roads are very quiet in our area which is not typical.

  • No cars on the road
  • Shops are closed
  • People are scared and feel defeated

There is an air of great sadness.

Moms still come in for labor. Babies are still being born. MamaBaby midwives are still here providing life saving care during this crisis.

Pray for Haiti. Pray hard for Haiti.