That is how we felt when we opened MamaBaby Haiti in 2010. 

That is how we feel again in 2020 when we raised enough money to buy the land next door to our RENTED birth center in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

The birth center that has served us well for years…

The birth center where we attend over 100 births a month and see hundreds of women every week for free prenatal care…

The birth center that our land lady has asked us to move out of so she can have it back as her home….

The birth center we have outgrown.

Join us in building a much needed new birth center on the land we recently purchased. Construction has already started on the wall and the well. We need more money to keep building and get this done by November 2021.

Our goal is to raise a million dollars in twelve months. One thousand dollars from one thousand people. 

Right now, this month, we need your help to keep building.

Donate one thousand dollars or more and get your name engraved on a plaque on the birth center wall forever (groups can donate too!).

Yes we are busting at the seams….

You can also watch the birth center property wall being built!