Day Four in Haiti:
Due to gas shortages we walked EVERYWHERE. I feel like I walked 10 miles today. This is what we did:

Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – and I bore my testimony in Haitian Kreyol to the congregation, which I am sure was amusing, but they seemed grateful that I tried!)

Market (no refrigeration so this is done daily)

Napped (I rarely do this and it was heavenly, though I napped on the porch without a net, so a few mosquitos snacked on me)

Gas (lines were hours long)

Organized the upstairs volunteer and midwife area. (Think Maria Kondo and Feg Shui)

Baked a chocolate cake for Rose’s Birthday. (We walked forever to find two boxes of cake mix. Like FOREVER). 

Had a birthday celebration for Rose. 

Talked and talked to discuss problems and solutions here at MamaBaby. 

Took a cold shower that felt amazing. 

Worked on my computer answering emails and writing until past 3am while all the volunteers and midwives are asleep. 

Tomorrow is a big day and I may need an afternoon nap since I will only get a few hours of sleep! Good night world.