Day Two in Haiti: 
After a boat drive, we hiked for over an hour through the jungle up steep trails. We arrived at the foot of the mountain village where they have built a small little clinic room for us out of stilts with a wood plank floor and a metal tin roof (only half done and after three hours in the sun I agreed to pay for the other half of the roof to be finished!).

We did education about menstruation and ovulation and safe sex and abstinence (how to say no to sex if you don’t want it) to 25 young women and gave them Days For Girls menstruation kits. 

We did 20 prenatals on women who live on the mountain (a five hour walk to MamaBaby from the back of the mountain way they go). 

We triaged, massaged, and helped diagnose about 15 old people who are in pain. 

We weighed, assessed for malnutrition, and gave out boxes of a peanut butter supplement to over 50 children. 

We did skin care for people with staph infections, though thankfully there were only a few because our past treatments are working so well. I saw ZERO scabies today! The essential oils are working to eliminate scabies in the village. 

We brought a mother home with us to give her antibiotic IV and lancet a huge abscess in her arm. We will keep her until tomorrow.

On the way home I dived off the boat into beautiful blue waters and swam for 30 minutes to shore to eat grilled fresh Caribbean lobster. 

What a magical first full day in Haiti! It took me two days to get here due to travel delays but it is so worth it!

I’m in my tent in the warm air on the roof and it’s a Friday night so the Caribbean music from the bar down the street pulses loudly. My eyes get sleepy and I will drift off to sleep and dance in my dreams.