Day one in Haiti. I lay here on the roof in my tent listening to the rain and my heart feels very full. I am grateful for the team that has come with me and is special to me in many ways. 

Sofia Autumn Zulu Shepherd is a baby that I caught many years ago and is now a midwifery student. She caught her first baby in Haiti last night. 

Kristina M. Gustafson is Sofia’s mother. I met her by being her midwife. I have loved her dearly ever since, and our families connect every year to go river rafting and play. I am thrilled to be with her on this trip. Tonight we stood on the roof naked and bathed in the pouring rain. Don’t worry, it was dark so no one could see us. Lol. 

Carrie Duncan is my soul sister. She was my midwifery student 20 years ago. She is a kick-a midwife at my birth center, Andaluz. She is beautiful and strong and we have done many a birth together. She was on our maiden voyage to Haiti in 2010. Her beautiful daughter, Mathaya, joins us. I was at her labor and remember her being the prettiest baby I had ever seen. 

Rosemary Loperena Moure is a midwife from Puerto Rico, the island of my birth. I have always been drawn to her because she gets my Latina roots (my roots are not by blood but by birth and being raised in Latin America). I dream of opening a birth center with her in Puerto Rico. I can’t believe she is here with me and I love her soul. 

Renee Sicignano is a midwife from California. I love her because one dark Christmas when I couldn’t see where the money was going to come from to cover MamaBaby she stepped in and covered the whole month. No one person has done that before. It was a big chunk and I was astounded. I have admired her ever since and met her today for the first time. So much gratitude in my heart for her! 

Darcy Haney Clark I am looking forward to getting to know better. She is a midwife who left her littles at home to come on this journey with me. 

Thank you for coming with me. We have an amazing ten days ahead of us!