It’s been very busy at MamaBaby Haiti. We’ve had 8 babies yesterday and 3 more today. This after several other busy day. Women come from all around to get care. We serve a purpose.

On one of our busiest days 5 of the 8 women that gave birth on the same day went home after their postpartum/newborn discharge and family planning class.

A few days ago I drove across the country.  We took the route through the countryside because National One had wires down.  I thought as we went across the country how many people are so isolated from medical care if needed. This is part of why Haiti has the most dire maternal and neonatal mortality statistics in the Western Hemisphere. We went through a village about an hour and half away and we saw a pregnant woman and Claudin said “She should come to MamaBaby”.  I said “It’s so far”. He explained to me that it’s not far be car or motorbike and many women come from this far away.  That being said when I looked at the villages where all of the women who have had their babies in the last few days they do come from near and far.

Miss Carmelle dressing a baby in the clothes the family brough after it’s newborn exam.

We’ve seen a lot of very beautiful and healthy babies born this week. We are grateful for no complications. However, if complications did come up our team is well trained and very skilled in dealing with the complications that you do see come up.  We did have some people risk out of our care this week with extreme anemia and preeclampsia. Which is alway hard. We want everyone to be able to have kind loving care we give here but at times the hospital is needed. One of the hardest parts of sending someone to the hospital for care is that people cry and worry about money. Many people make very little money in Haiti. The average daily wage is just over $2.00 USD and the Haitian Gourde continues to depreciate. It is hard stuff. That is why we offer care free of charge. People have to make choices in every country around the cost of healthcare. We don’t want the women near us here in Haiti to have to make that choice. At times the have to though.

After all the babies it feels quiet.  There are no appointments today but everyone is still in midwife mode and getting ready for what’s to come.  Erlyne was reading the neonatal resuscitation book  and we were discussing resus and kangaroo care. Alourde is preparing and reading ahead to teach the midwife students about molar pregnancy. She is an incredible instructor and the student love and appreciate her for it.  Next week I will also be teaching the midwifery students a three day doula workshop because kind and compassionate labor support are important everywhere in the world.

There’s another mama downstairs in labor now.

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